Peggy is a Long-Term Care insurance specialist who gained her thorough knowledge of long-term care not only through extensive professional experience in the industry, but from hands-on involvement in the care of aging family members as well. Having served as the “surrogate adult child” representing an aunt and uncle for over 6 years, she knows firsthand of the risk we face, and the toll on the family and caregiver. While still working at her full-time job, she took on the dual roles of both financial and health care agent—including hiring and overseeing 24/7 sitters—for both her aunt and uncle.

Most recently, she has dealt with the health decline—and subsequent death—of her dad, a grueling 4-month experience. She now oversees the care of her mom, who resides in an assisted living facility. Her mom has experienced a heart attack, a TIA, numerous falls including an arm and hip fracture (requiring 3 months of rehab), and now has a lung cancer diagnosis. She’s about to start her 5th year in assisted living…and keeps bouncing through all of the hurdles she’s handed, all while in the assisted living facility.

Peggy is the go-to long-term specialist for dozens of referring financial advisors. In addition, she is available on a direct basis. A licensed insurance agent and a student of long-term care insurance for over twenty-five years, she is currently the President of Long Term Choices, Inc., a company specializing in the education, assessment, design, and implementation of extended health care/long term care plans.

Prior to beginning her financial services career in 1994 with The New York Life, she was a medical technologist for 19 years—a body of experience which gives her incredible insight into the health conditions that cause underwriting issues. The ability to understand and communicate medical terminology, combined with her investigative skills and persistent attitude, often leads to successful appeals with first declines.

Ms. Fortson earned her Long-Term Care Professional (LTCP) designation from the Health Insurance Association of America in 2002, her CLTC designation (Certification in Long Term Care) in 2004, and her CSA (Certified Senior Advisor) in 2005. She is a member of the AALTCI (American Association of Long-Term Care Insurance), the North Georgia Chapter of the NAHU (National Association of Health Underwriters), and a member of the Atlanta Chapter of National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA).

Peggy resides at the base of the northeast Georgia Mountains in Baldwin, Georgia.

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Many years ago I learned from the Health Insurance Agent for my business, that Long Term Care (LTC) insurance was one of the most important instruments to add to one’s insurance portfolio. It can assist tremendously for a loved one’s high quality care, and may prevent depleting one’s finances or estate plans. So, I decided to pursue LTC plans and options for my employees and my own family. I was referred to Peggy Fortson, a wonderful and professional expert in this important field of supplemental insurance. Peggy is very knowledgeable and most understanding–and is a superlative, caring and hands-on advisor. Trust me as a most satisfied client–you can trust her implicitly.
Rick SauersGeorgia