April FoolHappy APRIL! Even though Spring hasn’t completely arrived yet; at least there is evidence it’s on the way. I love this time of year. Spring represents new beginnings; a time of renewal of sorts. This is a good time to tidy up, air out our homes (and our lives) and get things in order, wouldn’t you agree?

Within the theme of “Spring Cleaning”; click on the link below to read the April Fool’s article. This is a good month to tend to your personal & financial business. Along with your general spring cleaning and yard work, it would be foolish to neglect your personal and financial health. If you’ve not scheduled your annual physical, make the call today. Also schedule an appointment with  your financial professional to review your financial plan. If you have not included Long Term Care Planning, it would be ‘foolish’ to neglect the component that is critical to your overall financial health. Not to mention the Peace of Mind that comes with having a PLAN in place.