Ah, summertime! A time of year that seems to conjure up two contrasting visions: one, the nostalgia of those childhood “lazy days” featuring a swing underneath a gigantic shade tree, with a glass of lemonade on a table. The other—what some of us like to think of as the “adult” view— is a calendar filled with as many activities as we can pack into our schedule, with the (noble) intentions of taking on some tasks we’ve had on our to-do lists, while still managing to enjoy the long summer days.

However, if your summer is like mine, (I can’t believe school is almost back in session), I must confess that as of today, my list remains pristine, with nary a crossed-off item to be found.

Although I recognize that this is basically an emotional conversation, my job is to broaden it to include a financial discussion about the potential need for additional income. An extended health care event isn’t about statistics, activities of daily living, facilities or home care. It’s about another retirement expense that causes an individual‘s income need to increase — and about having that extra income available at the exact moment they need it.

Regardless of wealth, we can’t leverage our own money (self-insure). The only way to self-fund is by saving, which takes time. And how well will this work if you need an increased stream of income sooner rather than later? Ask yourself, : “What would be the reason for my income need to suddenly and significantly increase in my retirement?” It won’t take long to acknowledge that a significant need for more income would be caused by a health-related event.

I urge you, regardless of whether your summer is lazy or crazy, to procrastinate no more. Act now to create your PLAN to live a long life and check this off your list before the end of summer. Open the door, let’s start this conversation today.