March MadnessHave you noticed the Presidential candidates are not discussing Long Term Care Planning? There’s a good reason why:  no one wants to be on the hook for authoring a solution to this monumental issue, since any criticism could surely be devastating to their campaign. 

As Stephen Moses of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform explains in this recent article, Why Candidates Aren’t Talking About LTC “Presidential candidates don’t discuss LTC financing because the issue is “no-win” for them.  Propose spending more and the right will attack you for enlarging the deficit/debt.  Propose spending less and the left will call you heartless.  Besides, the public is asleep about the issue.  The more interesting question is, “Why aren’t people up in arms about LTC?”  The answer is simple.  Government already pays for most expensive LTC.  So people don’t worry about it until it’s too late to save or insure, at which time they depend on family members until they slip quietly onto Medicaid.  It’s a mess, but not one politics or government can fix except by getting out of the way.”

And so it goes: the same thread that is woven into all the candidates’ messages can be found in the minds of most Americans, as well—that being the thread of silence when it comes to LTC.

Are you one of the silent ones, keeping yourself at a disadvantage?  If so, is that a disadvantage you plan to keep?

Silence is not golden.  STOP the MADNESS! Make it your mission this March to break the silence:  have the conversation about long term care.

Don’t leave your family exposed to this risk.