10/22/2020, New Poll Shows most older adults worried about potential healthcare and long-term care costs,” by Amy Novotney, McKnight’s Senior Living”

Quote: “Six in 10 Medicare recipients aged 65 or more years are concerned about future healthcare costs, according to a survey of more than 1,100 Medicare enrollees conducted by MedicareGuide.com. When asked to rank their healthcare expenses from highest to lowest, respondents selecting rankings for each expense most often cited health insurance (33%), dentist bills (19%) and prescription drugs (16%) as their highest expenses. Next on the list were inpatient hospital bills (9%), long-term care (5%), outpatient hospital bills (4%), and doctor bills (4%).”

LTC Comment by Stephen A. Moses: Five percent?! Why is LTC so low? Could it possibly have something to do with the fact that Medicaid has paid the vast majority of all catastrophic long-term care costs for most Americans since 1965? If so, why do scholars, economists and analysts ignore the fact? Find the answers here: Medicaid and Long-Term Care.

Peggy says: Don’t Ignore the FACTS. Be aware of your potential exposure to this risk, and place a higher priority on having a conversation with a LTC Specialist TODAY!