Many years ago I learned from the Health Insurance Agent for my business, that Long Term Care (LTC) insurance was one of the most important instruments to add to one’s insurance portfolio. It can assist tremendously for a loved one’s high quality care, and may prevent depleting one’s finances or estate plans.

So, I decided to pursue LTC plans and options for my employees and my own family. I was referred to Peggy Fortson, a wonderful and professional expert in this important field of supplemental insurance. Peggy is very knowledgeable and most understanding–and is a superlative, caring and hands-on advisor. Trust me as a most satisfied client–you can trust her implicitly.

Rick SauersGeorgia

I recently secured my LTC policy, and can not say enough positive things about Peggy. Even in this age of technology, Peggy took the time to meet with me in person and was always available by phone to answer my questions and address my concerns. She graciously shared her expertise and knowledge throughout the entire process. I felt totally confident with my decision due to her guidance.

Betsy MichaudSmyrna

In an industry in which there is so much to learn, Peggy is an excellent resource! She is very helpful in not only understanding the basics, but also in ferreting out the subtle details that need to be weighed in making the best decision for your situation. We are so glad we chose Peggy as our “go-to” long term care advisor, and highly recommend her to anyone exploring LTC plan options.

Becky LamMartinez, GA

I enjoyed working with Peggy. She was professional, knowledgeable, quick to respond and made the entire process seem so easy. She is quite an asset for you.

Suzanne BroussardWoodstock, GA

When we first met Peggy Fortson we knew right away that beyond the warm, welcoming smile, we were facing a knowledgeable, candid woman. She made sure that we understood what we were purchasing and the security we would have for the remainder of our lives. It wasn’t a sales meeting…it was an educational meeting.

Peggy has done an outstanding job this past year by effectively communicating with us regarding our LTC plan and successfully solving a couple of issues that were critical financially.

Peggy is clearly a people person and is always looking out for her clients.

She has demonstrated an eagerness to work and always a positive attitude with us and she did an excellent job demonstrating to us how a worthy company can produce great results.

Jill and I are able to count on Peggy to always go above and beyond the norm to demonstrate how excellent and pleasant customer service can be.

Peggy possesses a high standard of ethics; it seems that being her colleague would be a pleasure based on her leadership and ability to strategically direct and manage.

Yossi OvadiaGeorgia

When looking for advice on long term care planning, Peggy Fortson is a great advisor to seek out! Thanks to her professional and personal experience, she knows what to look for when planning for this potentially very costly risk as much as anyone.

Trey Kelly

Peggy Fortson and I have worked together for over 10 years in helping clients plan for future critical illness events, or as many people understand it is planning for an extended health care event, that would have an enormous impact on the lives of those they love. Peggy has all the credentials and experience necessary to walk you through the maze of products and services from traditional to hybrid long-term care, to meet your concerns, objectives, and financial considerations. I highly recommend Peggy Fortson, CLTC.

Steve Norris, LTC Specialist

Peggy did a great job many years ago educating us as to our options for Long Term Care Insurance. I recommend her without exception.

Marc Tanenbaum, MDGeorgia