It’s also for celebrating with all the people you love, including family and friends.  And for many of us, expressing that love with a gift.  Chocolates and flowers are fine for young lovers, but the gift I’m going to suggest is what you give not just to one person, but to all those you think of when you hear the phrase “your loved ones”—those who have a permanent place at the very center of your heart.

This year, why not give them a gift that will really mean something to them, and to you—now and for years to come.  And it’s easy.  All you have to do is make a firm decision, and then let your loved ones know you’ve made it:   the decision to include Long Term Care Planning in your Financial Plan.

Think about it:  you take your responsibility for those people at the center of your heart very seriously; you do whatever is in your power to ensure their safety and comfort.  In other words, you make plans to take care of them.  But who will take care of you if and when the need arises?  We’d all like to be able to maintain a fully functioning lifestyle forever, but the reality is, no one can predict who among us will need the benefits that Long-Term Care insurance can bring.

So, do you have a plan for the care you yourself may need someday? If your answer is, “I’ll think about it….later….,” you’re leaving your family exposed.  I can’t tell you how many sad stories I’ve heard from family members suddenly forced to deal with an unexpected health crisis that their parent or grandparent is facing.

Think about those loved ones of yours, and give them the gift that comes from your heart:  reach out to a Long Term Care specialist to learn about the many options available.  Sure, this type of plan is a gift for your family and loved ones, but it’s not just about them, it’s also about YOU.  If you end up requiring care, your family will feel all the more loved because you cared enough about them to establish a plan to protect them emotionally, physically and financially.

And…..Have a Very Happy Valentine’s Day!